Sunday, June 5, 2011

What’s HOT in our pantry???

Bakersfield Choco Mousse Premix
350php/ 1 kg
A reddish-brown special chocolate powder blend that becomes excellent ready-to-serve chocolate mousse when mixed at high speed with chilled water or milk. This can be stored in the freezer if needed a firmer consistency.

Bakersfield Chocovery Premix
165php/ 875 grams
A chocolate cake base premix in brown color free flowing powder form that has a strong cocoa aroma and tastier chocolate flavor.
Dark Choco-Fudge
240php/ 1kg
A dark brown colored pasty mass that has a pure Belgian chocolate, smooth and glossy consistency, texture that is good enough for bread spreading. It is sweet, slightly creamy, rich dark chocolate taste and aroma that is great for icing, topping, piping, dip, and even on dessert.
145php/ 1 kilo
A neutral jelly ready to be used for piping, glazing, filling or as fruit preparation base.

Texturized Vegetable Protein (TVP)
95php/ 1kg
Extender, texture modifier, meat binder, toppings, millings

DARK CHIPPITS Chocolate Chips-
Ideal for melting
75php/ 250 grams; 150/ 500 grams; 300/ 1kg

HardBake Chocolate Chips
Ideal for chocolate chip cookies
94php/ 250 grams; 188/ 500 grams; 375/ 1kg

DARK Chocolate Compound
200php/ 625 grams

Milk Chocolate Compound
160php/ 625 grams

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