Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chocolates and Cocoa Powder

MAYFAIR (available in 500 grams)*
Regular Milk
White Chocolate Original

*Wholesale price available with minimum of 5 kg purchase. Pre-order 3 days in advance.

BARRY CALLEBAUT (available in 625 g)

Dark Chocolate Compound
Milk Chocolate Compound
Barry Callebaut’s dark and milk chocolate compounds are ready to use: no tempering needed.

TULIP (available in 1 kg)

Milk Chocolate Compound shows rich milky flavor and sensuous cocoa taste. Suitable for glazing, covering pralines and decorating.

Bittersweet Chocolate Couverture is pure and dark with an elegant taste and contains 55% of high quality cocoa.


MAYFAIR (available in 250 grams/ 500 grams/ 1 kg)*
Semisweet Mini
Semisweet Regular
White Chocolate

Barry Callebaut (available in 250 grams/ 500 grams/ 1 kg)*
Chippits- Mini Dark Belgian chocolate chips
Hardbake- Dark Belgian chocolate chips

*Wholesale price available with minimum of 5 kg purchase. Pre-order 3 days in advance.

COCOA POWDER available in 250 grams/ 500 grams/ 1 kg

JB Cocoa-100, natural cocoa powder from Malaysia.

Bensdorp Cocoa
Dutche Cocoa (Dark) is a pure alkalized dutch processed cocoa good for cakes, bread, pastries, and fillings.

CHOCOLATE FONDUE available in 1 kg

Dutche Chocolate Fondue- PREMIUM is a ready to use dipping for fresh and dried foods, biscuits, marshmallows, pastries, stick breads and others.

Dutche Chocolate Fondue - SPECIAL
is a Dutch treated cocoa powder from Holland.  Bensdorp Cocoa DSR is alkalized (7.0 ± 0.2 pH value), has a 10/12% fat content and effectively
maintains moisture. It is widely used for baking, cooking, drinking, or any other food preparations. The luscious chocolate taste, delicious aroma, and absolutely fine powder made Bensdorp a bestseller worldwide.


  1. How much po yung Dutche Chocolate Fondue - Premium? and Dutche Choclate Fondue - Special? and where can I bu it? thanks

  2. Hershey's Cocoa powder is still available? how much and cost of shipment to marikina if I purchase worth 5oo pesos?

  3. hi lhenie, we no longer offer Hershey's. better and cheaper alternative is Bensdorp @ P380/kg or Dutche dark @ P300/kg. Thanks.

  4. how much ang dark callebaut? Can you ship it together with the silipat that I inquired? Thanks!