Monday, April 4, 2011


We have a variety of sweeteners on stock to sweeten your pantry...


Refined White Sugar
*Available in 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo

Golden Brown Sugar
*Available in 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo

Peotraco Confectioner’s Powdered Sugar™
Peotraco Powdered Sugar is a uniformed pulverized sugar made specifically for baking requirements. May be used for cakes and bread icings, frostings, fillings and other baking purposes
*Available in 450 grams and 2,272 grams/ 5 pounds

Peotraco Caster Sugar™ – to enhance moistness & fluffiness
Caster Sugar is a uniform, extra fine granulated sugar designed especially for cake baking. Caster gives better dispersion and solubility. Creates firmer emulsions, better cake volume and smoother cake texture.
Best used for:
All types of Cakes, Cookies, Sanding or Topping. Coating for Native Sweets and Biscuits
*Available in 500 grams

Peotraco Muscovado Quality Sugar
Sugar made from sugar cane juice, thus nutritionally rich, retaining all natural minerals and vitamins present in sugar canes. Gives that rich caramel flavor, ideal ingredients for baked goods.
*Available in 500 grams


ISOMALT  is a sugar replacement that provides a taste and texture comparable to real sugar, although it is less sweet than real sugar. Isomalt belongs to the chemical group of disaccharide alcohols and is derived from sucrose. Isomalt is heat stable and thus can be used in the products that require cooking methods like baking or boiling.
*Available in 250 grams/ 500 grams/ 1 kg


HONEY will provide some special attributes to your baked goods - golden crust color, flavor, moistness, and moisture retention in the product.
Brand: CEMS Honey Prime Brand finest honey from the forest of Palawan
*Available in 320 grams

MOLASSES  is a thick, dark substance made from cane or beet sugar. It imparts a dark color and strong flavor to baked foods, but is not as sweet as sugar.
Brand: Wil-Pack Pure Molasses
*Available in 700 grams

Brand: Ferna Light Corn Syrup is a clean, clear, liquid sweetener that is primarily used to contribute body, palatability, flavor and good texture quality to food products
*Available in 750 grams

Clear thick syrupy liquid substance used for an assortment of baking or food processing purposes. It has about half the sweetening power of regular sugar. It doesn’t crystallize easily, its used to make commercial candies and frostings as well as baked goods, soft drinks and other processed foods.
*Available in 750 grams

A highly viscous, monosaccharide syrup primarily used to provide sweetness, flexibility and good texture to most of candy and confectionery products
*Available in 1 kg

Brand: Peotraco Glycerin (food grade)
Clear, water whites viscous, hygroscopic liquid with a sweet taste at ordinary room temperature above its melting point. Used for manufacture of resins, gums, drugs and paste.
The commercial name for glycerol, a colorless, odorless, syrupy liquid-chemically, an alcohol obtained from fats and oils and used to retain moisture and adds sweetness to foods. It also helps prevent sugar crystallization in foods like candy. Outside the worlds of food, glycerin is used in cosmetics, inks and certain glues.
*Available in 100 mL


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