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We carry flour brands manufactured by Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation. Available in 1 kg pack for retail, and sack of 25 kg for wholesale.

Family All Purpose Flour
Milled from short patent streams using hard spring wheat. Bleached for a whiter flour, perfect for making siopao and molo wrappers. Good for brownies and other pastries

Snow Silk Cake Flour
A highly specialized type of wheat flour, intended for use in making cakes, cookies, and other delicate baked goods. When baking a cake, most cooks aim to create a light, fluffy cake with a tender crumb. This requires a flour with a low protein content, as protein promotes the production of gluten, which can make baked goods more tough. It also means that the flour must be very finely milled, to keep baked goods from getting heavy.

Washington Gold Hard Wheat Flour (Bread Flour/ 1st Class Flour)
Capable of producing breads and rolls of excellent quality like tasty loaf of breads buns, pandesal, pizza crust and other speciality baked products. Also good in making certain types of noodles.

Gold Key and Amigo Gold Soft Wheat Flour (3rd Class Flour)
Used mainly for baking cookies, pastries and cakes. Also good for making "lumpia" wrappers.

Whole Wheat Flour  is a powdery substance derived by grinding or mashing the wheat's whole grain. It is used in baking but typically added to other "white" flours to provide nutrients (especially fiber and protein), texture, and body to the finished product.

We also carry the following...

Cornstarch - available in 500 grams and 1 kg for retail; 25 kg for wholesale
A thickening agent that is the bland, gluten-free alternative to flour for frying and for sauces and gravies. Use it in cakes, cookies, pies, and a host of other sweet goods as well. Many cooks prefer using cornstarch as it imparts no additional flavor to foods.

Cornmeal - available in 1 kg
Also called "harina de maiz" is a type of flour ground from dried maize. Use it to make corn muffins ala Kenny Rogers, corn tortillas, and corn dogs.

Cassava Flour - available in 500 grams and 1 kg
A type of flour made from ground Cassava roots. It is used for unleavened baking, or as a thickener.
Glutinous Rice Flour (Powdered Malagkit) - available in 500 grams
A type of flour made from short-grained sticky rice. Use it in local delicacies like palitao, bilo-bilo, butchi, etc.

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